Traveler Audience Segments

From real data to real people

TRiPs is your go-to solution for traveler audience segmentation. Our product offers exclusive access to highly tailored audience segments for marketers in the diverse world of travel and tourism–downloadable, for free.

Our proprietary data allows us to deliver the most trusted and precise travel consumer behavior insights. With TRiPs, you can confidently navigate the seas of digital advertising knowing that your message will reach the right audience at the right time.

How to Use TRiPs

Use the audience profiles to inform all of your marketing decisions. Share the narrative with your creative team to provide insights into who you are trying to reach. Provide your media buyers with the demographics and consumer behaviors so they know exactly where to place your ads and let the profiles guide your strategy.

Don’t stop there! Activate against these audiences in any major DSP. Just email and we will push your audiences directly to your DSP–for free!

Financially Resilient Traveler
All-Inclusive Beacher
Luxury Beacher
Economy Beacher
International Beacher
Luxury Cruiser
Cruise Enthusiast
Passive Outdoor Traveler
Active Outdoor Traveler
City Explorer
Mountain Winter Traveler
Mountain Summer Traveler
Family Theme Park Visitor
Luxury Wellness Seeker
Luxury European Traveler
RV Explorer
Camping Enthusiast
Golf Enthusiast
Eco-Conscious Traveler
Pro Golf Spectator
Casino Enthusiast
Arts and Culture Enthusiast
Historic Sites Seeker
Culinary Enthusiast
National Park Enthusiast
Hunting Scout
Pro Baseball Spectator
Pro Basketball Spectator
Pro Football Spectator
Pro Hockey Spectator
Pro Soccer Spectator
Youth Sports Traveler
Economy Car Renters
Luxury Car Renters
Cannabis Traveler
Nightlife Enthusiast

Why Choose TRiPs?

Unlike traditional audience profiles available in your DSP, our out-of-the-box audience segments are carefully curated, offering unparalleled value. When you choose TRiPs, you’re gaining access to unique audience segments like the Cruise Enthusiast, Luxury Beach Goer and City Explorer, just to name a few.

These aren’t abstract data points – these are real travelers with clear travel intent. Whether it’s a family looking for their next theme park adventure, a culinary enthusiast seeking the world’s best food experiences or a city explorer on the hunt for urban hidden gems, we have an audience for you–plus, more to come!

Trust in MMGY Global

At MMGY Global, we have years of expertise in understanding consumer travel behavior. This enables us to craft accurate, actionable audience segments that deliver impressive results. With TRiPs, you’re not just purchasing an audience; you’re investing in a marketing strategy that can deliver the most valuable traffic.

Get ready to elevate your campaigns, drive higher click-through rates and generate qualified leads. Unlock the power of TRiPs and start reaching the audiences you can trust today.


AI generated image of an older couple enjoying a cruise.

The captivating images you see illustrating our diverse audience segments are, in fact, creations of some rather clever artificial intelligence. Yep, just like we transform hard data into meaningful traveler profiles, AI has taken on the challenge to transform digital data into charming visual representations. So, while these faces might not be found on your next holiday, they’re just our playful way of saying “Data, meet Reality”. Enjoy the art of the possible with TRiPs and MMGY Global. Enjoy responsibly!

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